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Hittite & Ancient Anatolian Cuisine
of Cappadocia


Hittite and Anatolian Civilizations Cuisine in Cappadocia.
Ancient religions and civilizations had their own special menus for sacrifices and ceremonies.
In Cappadocia you can taste ancient cultures cuisine and also feel the atmosphere of their lives.


A taste of ancient senses in Cappadocia

At Happena, we want to bring you back in time—to the days of the Hittites and the other ancient civilizations of Anatolia. We're here to help you escape from the modern world, enjoy our authentic cuisine, and experience what life was like thousands of years ago.


Happena Cappadocia 
by Kelebek Special Cave Hotel


Happena is an ancient cuisine experience in the heart of Cappadocia that bears traces from the Hittites and Anatolian civilizations.

At Happena, we aim to carry you away from the modern world and take you back to our Anatolian roots by doing what we do best: Cooking.


With this objective in mind, we have gone through old books inholding translations of ancient Hittite tablets and prepared this menu with the creative touch of our chefs.


We are here to serve you a bite of the gastronomical heritage of our region and bring a different perspective to your discovery of Cappadocia.

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