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About Happena

Happena is an ancient cuisine experience in Cappadocia that offers Hittite and Anatolian cuisine.

At Happena, we want to bring you back in time—to the days of the Hittites and the other ancient civilizations of Anatolia. We're here to help you escape from the modern world, enjoy our authentic cuisine, and experience what life was like thousands of years ago.

Bread, meat, fruits, beer, and wine sound basic and easy to evoke ancient tastes. But experiencing the ancient tastes in an ancient location with spectacular views of Cappadocia is rare. By surveying and probing the literary and material remains from the Hittites and Ancient civilizations of Anatolia we have investigated the cultural and intellectual development of the region. We have read the oldest meal recipe in the world written in this region to understand it better and put it into the experience you will receive in Happena Hittite & Anatolian Civilizations Cuisine.

Kebab in Wood Fire
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